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Arabesque, by F. Burgmuller.
Bridal Chorus, by Richard Wagner.
Can Can, by Jacques Offenbach.
Dream of Love (Liebestraum), by Franz Liszt.
Egyptian Dance, by Camille Saint-Saens.
For Elise (Part1), by L. van Beethoven.
For Elise (Part1, echo effect), by L. van Beethoven.
Happy New Year (Birthday) to You.
Jack and Jill.
Jingle Bells.
Jingle Bells, by James Pierpont.
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.
London Bridge.
Melody1, by Anton Rubinstein.
Merry Widow Waltz, by Franz Lehar.
On Wings of Song, by Felix Mendelssohn.
Some Day My Prince Will Come, by Frank Churchill.
Sonatina C (Wanhall), Johann Baptist Wanhall.
Sonatina in C Major, Theodore Latour.
Sonatina No. 3 in A Minor, by Lynn Freeman Olson.
Three Blind Mice.
Turkish March, by Ludwig van Beethoven.
Victory, by Carl Czerny.
Waltz, Anton Diabelli.
We wish you merry Christmas (1).
We wish you merry Christmas (2).

Obligation Category: Free use on hard disk and personal home page. Paid use on commercial pages.
For commercial use, contact us: 

What is YisWebMusic

YisWebMusic is a very small component (size: 12 kB) that reads music files in Yis format.
The music file in Yis format is very small in size, typically, a 3 KB .yis file can play one minute in 16 bit quality, that is equivalent to 1.5 MB in .wav file format.
The YisWebMusic dramatically reduces the download time with the cost of a few seconds de-compresion and calculation.
If you want a small, pure, and low noise music, please use the YisWebMusic.
The YisMusic is very suitable to be used on network to deploy web music in your web pages.

How to get this music to your computer (Hard disk)

You are free of using this music file on your local hard disk.
Click any of the items above to see how to install the music to your computer. Total size of the three files are less than 30 kB for each music.

The YisMusic applet runs in the most windows with recent Internet Explorer or Netscape installed. Java Run-time-Environment (JRE) is required if your computer does not have recent Java installed. The YisMusic applet runs at lower priority. It doesn't sound if the muti-media system is occupied. If the system is busy or has lower resources, it may stop automatically. "Reload" or "Refresh" the HTML file may resume the music play.
If you have very low version of web browser, the YisMusic applet is not supported and will not show.

How to put this music on your web page

Get the files to your computer hardisk. Test the files on the hard disk, then put them on network. Click one of the items above to see details.

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