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Music Title: Arabesque

File name: Arabesqu.yis
Obligation Category: Free use on hard disk and personal home page. Paid use on commercial pages.
For commercial use, contact us:  Email: contact@yiswebmusic.com

How to get this music to your computer (Hard disk)

You are free of using this music file on your local hard disk. You may distribute this file to any others by email, diskette, CD.
You may also put it on internet, intranet, server, and all other web site media. Yet, if you use it on commercial pages, please contact us.

1. Dowload the following two files: Arabesqu.yis , and YisMusic.jar

2. Get this htm file: Click the "View" at the menu bar of your web-browser, then in the pull down menu click the item "Source" (or "Page source" in netscape). Save the source into a file "Arabesqu.htm" (you could use any other name with extension .htm").
The procedure varies from different web-browsers.
Alternatively, you may also click "File--SaveAs" at the menu bar to save it as "Arabesqu.htm" or any other file name.

3. Put all the three files together in the same directory, then open the "Arabesqu.htm" in your web-browser, for example, Internet Explorer or Netscape, etc..

4. If your web-browser ask you to install Java plug-in, install it. The plug-in is installed from java.sun.com. It should be a trusted site since SUN develops Java protocals. If the YisMusic applet still doesn't work, click on it to get the dialogue box to download the Java-Rune-Time (JRE) plug-in, then install it.

The YisMusic applet runs in the most windows with recent Internet Explorer or Netscape installed. Java Run-time-Environment (JRE) is required if your computer does not have recent Java installed. The YisMusic applet runs at lower priority. It doesn't sound if the muti-media system is occupied. If the system is busy or has lower resources, it may stop automatically. "Reload" or "Refresh" the HTML file may resume the music play.
If you have very low version of web browser, the YisMusic applet is not supported and will not show.

If you are tired of doing this, you may get all these files in zip format. You may click here to pay $5 USD, then download the zip package. The zip package include most music in this site. Click here to see the package. Before you make payment, you should make sure you can hear the music from this site or other site in www.yiswebmusic.com. If you don't hear the music, your web browser is not ready to multi-media or sound player.

How to put this music on your web page

You have 7 days free trial and test time for commercial page.

1. Get the three files on your local hard disk as described above. Test them on the hard disk. Then You create your own HTML page on the the .htm file you get. Don't modify the tag between "!-- CONVERTER VERSION 1.3 --" and "!--"END_CONVERTED_APPLET"--". You may move the whole block any where in you web page. The best place is just before the tag "/BODY".
If your are professional web programmer, you may use the following tag to show the YisMusic applet. To least the effect to your web page, put it at the end of the HTML page (just before the tag "/BODY").
If you get problem on this tag, please create your scratch from this page where you are sure the YisMusic is working.

2. Test the three files on the hard disk with different web-browsers, then move them to the network. All the three files should be in the same directory. Do the same test while the files are on the network.

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Contact us:  Email: contact@yiswebmusic.com

If you were using a Java-enabled browser, you would see small music buttons instead of this paragraph.